SYNC Clinic at Varsity Lincoln

Varsity Lincoln is now offering SYNC 3 training at our SYNC information clinic. SYNC 3 is the next generation of voice-activated technology, with new hardware, software and features, connecting your smartphone in new ways. Get the most from your SYNC 3 system by attending our free clinic.

The SYNC information clinic at Varsity Lincoln is designed to aid our customers in the use of their new SYNC equipped vehicles. SYNC clinics are held on the first Saturday of each month. Clinic sizes are limited to 15 customers per clinic. Please contact our Business Development Center (BDC) to register for the clinic. You must register for the clinics prior to the class date by calling 248.305.5300 and asking for the BDC.

Sync is the latest innovation from Ford Motor Company. It is the first fully integrated communication, entertainment and navigation system. Best of all you don’t need to subscribe to anything; it’s free. You can listen to audio files, from your favorite music to recorded lectures and seminars. SYNC makes it easy to give presentations one more review before the big meeting. Make and receive calls safely while on your way. You can do it all while using the navigation system to get you to where you need to be.

SYNC media utilizes 5 different formats; wav, wma, aac, m4a and mp3; Zune, Ipod, some of the newer Sony devices (like the walkman media players and some psp units), most usb drives, and even some external hard drives can be used. SYNC even recognizes streaming audio from your phone or media device.

SYNC phone features include voice activation, place calls on hold, make conference calls, send and receive text messages. SYNC can even read your messages to you. Enable phonebook auto download and SYNC will automatically update any changes you have made to your phonebook. Assign different ring tones to specific callers, text message alerts. SYNC Services or Traffic, Directions and Information, provides turn by turn directions, five categories of news, weather, sports news, stock quotes, you can check your travel reservations and even your horoscopes.

I could go on for hours, so to save time browse your SYNC handbook or go to SYNCMYRIDE.COM to see all that SYNC can do for you.

If you are having trouble pairing a phone, stop and do the following. Make sure bluetooth is turned on in the phone and enable visibility. If that doesn’t solve your problem, perform a SYNC master reset then try once more. If that doesn’t work, check for compatibility at SYNCMYRIDE.COM. If your phone is not on the list of compatible phones, you will need to contact your carrier and discuss possible options. If you plan on replacing your phone you can check the compatible phone chart at SYNCMYRIDE.COM or call the Sync Support Center at 1-800-392-3673 and tell them the models you are looking at and they can tell you if any of those phones will work.

Phonebooks will sometimes not work even if the phone pairs ok. Check in the phones contacts options menu to see if you can import it to sync. If the book will still not download, check the SYNCMYRIDE.COM website. Remember that the phonebook download feature may not be compatible. Either your phone will not allow the download, or SYNC is not compatible with the bluetooth version that runs the phonebook. Currently there are nine versions of bluetooth technology.

SYNC is programmed to use elementary school grammar. It uses phonics and watches vowel and consonant combinations then by process of elimination provides will place a call to the closest match. If an entry is saved in all caps or all small case it may not be recognized, SYNC will look for the next closest match instead. That means all business names and proper nouns must have only the first letter capitalized. You may not have to change all your contacts in your phonebook to this format, only the names you have a problem with.

SYNC knows the periodic table of the elements. If al or AL is saved in the phonebook, SYNC may ask if you want to call aluminum. Al (capitol A and small l) may work, but the full name like Albert or Allen would be best.

Similar names and spelling can sometimes cause problems. Unusual spellings may be pronounced differently by Sync when phonics is used to sound out the name. An example of a name pronounced the same that has different spellings is Alice; Alice and Alles. If Matt and Pat are saved in the same phonebook, SYNC may get confused, you will need to save one or both using their full name.

If you are having problems with a phone problem where it shows “phone disconnected” right after connecting or it accepts the command to make a call, then disconnects, go into the SYNC phone menu and turn off the phone book auto download. That should resolve the issue. The only drawback is each time you add a new contact into your phone you will have to manually perform a complete phone book download. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, then go into the settings menu of your I-phone, select settings, reset, then select reset all.

When attempting to pair some Droid phones, it will exit the pairing process when the fifth digit is entered. Some Droid phones only allow for a four digit pin. Those droid phones will need to be reverse paired with sync. When reverse pairing you provide the pin number and it is limited to 4 digits. With the navigation radio, press the phone button, and then ADD. In the lower left part of the screen, press the button to “find devices” and follow the directions on the radio and your phone. If you have a non-navigation radio press the phone button, scroll to system settings, then bluetooth devices. Then select Add device after Sync says “press ok to begin pairing a device” scroll to “find devices”, press ok then speak the 4 digit number you want as the pin. Sync will repeat the number back to you, press ok if correct or say enter. At this point you will need to follow the instructions in your phone and enter the same number you gave to Sync.

Some Samsung phones have an issue where it will connect with Sync and then the phone will reset itself by turning off and subsequently disconnect. When the phone powers back on it will reconnect with Sync and then reset again and disconnect repeating continuously. To correct this, delete the phone from Sync and Sync from the device list in the phone. Pair the phone again only this time, do not download the phonebook. Go into the Sync menu select phone settings and turn off auto download. Then return to the Sync menu, select phone settings menu again, then modify phonebook, then download phonebook. The phone will reset again, reconnect the phone, it should then work without shutting down and disconnecting. Some may not download the phone book

The sync 2.0 upgrade, which includes 911 and Vehicle Health Report, may not send a report. The radio display may show a message stating “report not sent” or “unable to send report at this time”. Double-check your settings on the SYNCMYRIDE.COM website. Make sure that the primary phone number entered is your cell phone number.

In order to be able to use the Vehicle Health Report your phone will need to be able to send data over a voice network.

Samsung sch-u410 with software version U410.AL13 will not send reports.

LG VX 8700 does not work with SYNC or send VHR Reports

Motorola I880 will not work with VHR. Ford Engineering is constantly updating the list of phones that work with the SYNC system. Check in at SYNCMYRIDE.COM often for the latest news and updates.

Some phones have navigation with turn-by-turn directions. If your phone has this feature you will need to disconnect your phone from SYNC before using it. Leaving your phone connected to SYNC while using the navigation on your cell phone could cause a system lockup in SYNC. The audio format used by nav. phones to give the audio directions for turns may not be compatible with SYNC. When your phone is connected to SYNC it tries to send the audio through SYNC to the speakers in your car. If the audio format it is not compatible then SYNC may lock up if the navigation is used for an extended period of time

As listed on the Ford Motor Company Sync my ride web site FAQ page .The following phones have been tested by Ford, here are a few that are not compatible due to peculiarities in these phones’ applications of the Bluetooth specifications and/or profiles. They are listed below:

  • Motorola v710 (firmware version unknown): You will not be able to pair this phone to Sync, or establish a stable connection between this phone and Sync.
  • Palm 755P (firmware version unknown): You will not be able to make outgoing calls through Sync with this phone.
  • Samsung Gleam (firmware version U700.AG07): Although this phone will pair and connect to Sync, you will not be able to make outgoing calls within a few minutes of connecting the phone to Sync.
  • Samsung Juke (firmware version U470.AH23): You will not be able to make outgoing calls.
  • Samsung M300 (firmware version M300AE07): Although this phone will pair and connect to Sync, each time you attempt to make an outgoing call, Call Ended will appear on the Sync screen.
  • Samsung SCH-A870 (firmware version A870.ZD09): You will not be able to maintain the Bluetooth connection between this phone and Sync.
  • Samsung SCH-A990 (firmware version A990.ZH07): This phone acts unpredictably when connected to Sync.
  • Sprint LG Rumor (firmware version LX260V06): This device incorrectly reports the status of current calls.
  • Sprint Samsung M510a (firmware version ESM510 AC19): This device occasionally freezes and/or resets during automatic phonebook download.
  • Verizon i760 (firmware version i760-07V-AH08): This device incorrectly reports the status of current calls.
  • Samsung Flight model SGH-A797 will not work or pair. It will begin to pair and it will show that the phone is saved into Sync. That is as far as it will get. The phone will connect and disconnect repeatedly.

If your phone was paired and worked well for a time then stopped connecting with SYNC. Do not delete your phone from SYNC and attempt to pair it again. For all phones except Verizon, first remove the battery from your phone, reinstall the battery then turn it on. Go into the settings menu in your phone and ensure that the bluetooth is turned on. Then go back to your car and see if it will reconnect on its own. On Verizon phones Dial *228 select option one (1) to update the programming in your phone. Then perform the battery removal procedure described above. Your Verizon phone should then reconnect and work normally. Sometimes this procedure will not correct the issues you are having. In that case you will need to delete the phone from the device list in Sync and delete Sync from the list in your phone and then pair your phone again.

All cell phone manufacturers recommend you turn off your phone 2 or 3 times a week. After

you turn off the phone wait about 20 seconds and turn it back on. Some phones do not turn off they go into a sleep mode when the power button is pressed. Some Apple Iphones and the Blackberry are two examples. On the Blackberry remove the battery once a month. The Apple Iphone is a sealed unit the battery cannot be removed. So a complete system reset needs to be performed, Apple recommends doing that once a week to keep the phone working at it best. To perform the reset, press and hold the power button and home buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen then release the buttons.

On Verizon phones, update your phone every two months, to update you phone dial *228, then when prompted, select option 1to update your phone. When done call again and select option 2 to update the roaming.

If you have an android based phone, it is recommended that the pairing to the vehicle be deleted and then paired again whenever a new app is downloaded onto the phone.